Looking for elderly care facility that has the ability to speak to my Grandmother in Czech

Hi there,

I live in San Francisco and I am hoping that you may either have some info that could help me or that you could put me in contact with someone who does.
My Grandmother who is about to turn 94 is living in Florida but she is originally from the Czech Republic. In her old age she is having trouble remembering to speak English and her caretakers are having trouble understanding her. My parents and I are hoping to find an elderly care facility somewhere in the U.S. that has the ability to speak to her in Czech. My parents provide the majority of her care but they work full time and are finding it hard to keep up so she is living in an elderly care facility.

If you know of anyplace or anyone I might contact regarding this type of thing I would be very grateful! Also if you could list my note on your website for other readers to see that would be a great help.

Thanks for your website, it is a great resource!
I hope you are well, Sincerely,
Jessica Tudor